Metanoia: Mindshift – a ‘freestyle’ learning workshop

As part of the Free Culture Incubator (FCI) series, I’ll be running a workshop in Berlin at the end of August on self-organised and free learning culture framed around the question:

How we can navigate, define, share and remix our own learning in ever-changing contexts?

More information and registration form at the Transmediale website.

Ela Kagel asked me in 2010 to present an open learning topic as part of FCI workshop series. I’m really grateful for this opportunity to meet with other people and discuss the challenges of learning “openly and freely” outside (and between) formal education contexts.

I’m conscious that we’ll end up raising more questions than we find answers, but longer term I’m looking forward to the continued discussions that will emerge.  One of the subgoals of the workshop is to identify ways in which these discussions of a new learning culture can continue.

As the workshop is only for half a day our immediate output will be restricted, but what we do produce will be released under an open license, with both participants and everyone else invited to respond.

If you’re unable to attend due to time or geographic reasons, it would still be great to hear your voice. To share a statement, ask a question or offer a resource, please sign-up to the workshop wiki.

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