About Me


I’m Pippa Buchanan, a resilience and sustainability educator.  My focus is in working with individuals and groups to discuss, experiment and develop safe and abundant futures for their households, organisations and communities. My work is informed by permaculture, community-driven action and open technologies and processes.

I also coach people in academic and general communication. I am a keen knitter and fermenter, improvising vocalist, gardener, cook, sailor, lifelong learner and creator of various things.

I hold an MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation from the Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales in partnership with the University of East London. I have completed two Permaculture Design Certificates, studied Permaculture Teaching Matters with Rosemary Morrow and hold academic qualifications in adult education and computer and information science. My professional background is in tertiary and informal education, web and games development and educational software.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, your community or organisation, please get in contact!