The Missing Slide: Why You Should Participate in School of Webcraft

I presented School of Webcraft and P2PU at Liwoli 2011 (Linux Wochen Linz) here in Linz last weekend. Working on this project has given me so many chances to improve my public speaking* which is something that I’m trying to develop further. At the end of every presentation I try to incorporate the feedback and improve on my slides.

Liwoli sticker - logo by Silke Müller
Liwoli sticker – logo by Silke Müller

I learnt that being seated while giving a presentation is really difficult and that presenting using Mac OS X at a event about Radical Openness is inevitably going to raise eyebrows. Once again I’m thinking again about switching to using Ubuntu or another Linux distribution.

However, the most important of the questions that arose at the end of Saturday’s presentation was “This is great, but why should I get involved?” Both Uschi and Marloes asked this question, almost at the same time and with great vigour – which prompted me to look at my slides and ask ‘Why don’t I have a “Why You Should Get Involved” slide’?

So here are three reasons why you should get involved with School of Webcraft. Can you suggest any more?

  1. You’re a web developer who needs to keep current with new technologies.
    • We offer learning on demand.
    • School of Webcraft is driven by learners like you, so the topics you can learn with us are up to date. If you’re such an early adopter you can’t find a course or study group to suit your needs, you can easily create one and help others get up to speed.
    • School of Webcraft is developed in partnership with Mozilla Foundation, the organisation behind the Firefox web browser. That means we can ask for expert advice from the great people who are working on the future of the web, including projects such as open video and advanced identity management.
  2. You use the web every day, now you want to find out how to build it yourself.
    • We’re a community of people learning how to build the web.
    • School of Webcraft is a safe place to learn how the web works, and our community is there to help you find the resources you need. You’ll be cooperating with other beginners which means that everyone is going through similar challenges at the same time and can help each other learn.
    • We want to support web developers as they further their careers with open web technologies, but we  want to help everyone else learn to build the web too, whether they’re a teacher, a scientist or an artist. If you want to learn how to make web sites, look for a beginners topic you want to join or create your own.
  3. You’re a guru in web development who wants to share that knowledge with others.
    • We learn using open and free learning resources. 
    • School of Webcraft follows P2PU’s model of bringing learners together around freely available learning resources. If you’ve got existing blog posts, slides, tutorials or screencasts that would be useful to learners we’d love to hear about them. You can offer your advice on the Webcraft discussion list or if you see an existing course you’d like to help, please contact the organisers.

I’m primarily focussing on the types of people we want to connect to when doing presentations, and haven’t elaborated on the other benefits of involvement, such as free, open or meeting people interested in the same things. I’d love for your ideas of other ways we can explain to people why they should get involved with School of Webcraft.

*#77 of the 100 things I want to learn more about

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