School of Webcraft Update – May 10th 2011

  • Want to learn open standards-based web development?
  • Interested in becoming a web developer, want to update existing skills or want to create webpages as a hobby?
  • Learn what you need to know at School of Webcraft,  a project developed in partnership by Mozilla Foundation and P2PU!

Check out our home page to learn about the project and see the study groups and courses on offer.

Can’t find a group that suits your needs?

If you can’t find a group you’d like to join, it’s easy –  create your own!
Don’t feel worried, the School of Webcraft community and the P2PU team are here to help! We’ll give you advice on finding learning materials, creating course plansand show you how to facilitate and promote your group. We’ll also put you in contact with people who can help you build your group.

The Open Web: Identity is the Platform.
The Open Web: Identity is the Platform. / Matthew Burpee / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

New groups created – can you help develop them?

There are some great new topics under development on the new site. These groups still need tasks, resources and learning plans outlined before they can be opened for sign-up.  If you’d like to help get these groups get ready, please contact the group’s organiser.

  • Federated Social Web
    • Focus on various protocols used to implement federation functionality for social networking
  • Introduction to PHP
    • Discover and explore server programming with the PHP scripting language
  • Introduction to Django
    • Learn the Django web framework for Python
  • Javascript Basics (Working Group)
    • We want to build the best Javascript Basics course. Do you know someone who can help?
    • So far there have been a lot of great Javascript related courses within School of Webcraft, but we want to collaboratively build a group that is the best resource possible.
  • Web Skills for Artists 101
    • Collaborate online with a Portland-based class learning how to think creatively about internet development.  This class is intended for those unfamiliar with the technical territory.

Groups Currently Open For Sign-Up

You can still sign-up to participate in these groups. You can also offer your assistanceto organise and improve a group.

Latest P2PU Platform Release – Lernanta r0.5

The fortnightly release of features for the new P2PU platform has just come out.

Create a study group

It’s easy, just create a P2PU account and follow the prompts.

Got a question about School of Webcraft?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Join the Webcraft Discussion List

To participate in ongoing discussions about the project, sign-up here.

Sign up for announcements

To receive regular announcements about School of Webcraft, sign-up here.

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