Help develop an awesome Javascript Basics study group!

School of Webcraft and P2PU are transitioning to a study group activity model which invites people to work together around shared learning goals. Study groups are organised around “tasks”  – discrete activities that participants work through to develop their skills and knowledge. Courses are great – but they limit participants to learning only when someone’s willing to lead the group.
Javascript Waterfall Animation / Matt Garrett / CC-BY-NC-SA/
Our goal is to provide excellent ongoing learning activities and community working together around core web development topics – no matter when people join the School of Webcraft. Right now we’re harnessing our collective energy to curate the content, tasks and study plan for a Javascript Basics study group – which will allow people to join-up and work through learning activities. We’re working towards a suggested study plan that takes 6 weeks, though participants are free to work through their tasks at whatever pace suits them.
So far we’ve identified the core Javascript 101 competencies for the study group – and we’d like your feedback and help to develop the plan and curate learning resources and “tasks” that will help Webcraft participants learn everything they need to know about Javascript basics.
This is a great way to help out the School of Webcraft, particularly if you’re an expert who doesn’t have enough time to setup and administer a study group. We’d love your input, even if it’s just to constructively criticise our learning objectives or to suggest we use your blog as a learning resource.
To help develop this study group you just need to become a P2PU member and join up at Javascript Basics (Working Group).

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