School of Webcraft – How we’re stacking up so far.

School of Webcraft has been running open web development courses at P2PU for 8 months now:

  • Over 35 courses
  • More than 2400 participants
  • Badge pilot launched.
  • Many community members involved in multiple courses.
  • and already, 5+ study groups using the new system

So far, two major cycles of courses have run with a third just begun.

April’s courses
Recently 8 ideas matured from first draft into running courses for the core start date, though many organisers had personal reasons which prevented them moving forward with their ideas. P2PU and School of Webcraft gave organisers the option to run courses on the existing site or to establish a study group on the beta phase Lernanta platform and provide us with feedback on the new platform.

In the past week 3 more study groups have been established and several existing course ideas are in the process of transitioning to the new system.

The total number of courses beginning at one time is less than in previous rounds, but this reflects a move towards a decreased focus on “course cycles”, new study groups opening regularly and more detailed metrics measuring participation over time.

To give you an idea of how course and participant numbers have evolved, in September 2010, our first round there were:

  • 13 individual courses
  • 370 participants
    • an additional 289 people followed the Web Design Study Group

Leading up to the first quarter of 2011 we had strong media coverage from organisations such as Mashable.

  • Over 1400 people signed-up and were accepted.
  • 18 courses.
  • User Experience Design ran in 3 languages!
    • Portuguese, Spanish and English

In the first quarter School of Webcraft also introduced the pilot phase of the Badge and peer-assessment system allowing Webcraft participants to demonstrate their skills, be assessed by their peers and earn badges.

We’ve come a long way since John Britton organised the  “Mashing Up The Open Web” course in March 2010 and Mozilla and P2PU began discussing the ideas behind School of Webcraft in the first half of 2010.

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