School of Webcraft News – April 18, 2011

School of Webcraft and P2PU are in an exciting phase as we introduce study groups, reveal our new technical platform and host courses and study groups across both old and new platforms.

Hello Study Groups!

To coincide with the new platform P2PU is introducing new terminology – we’ll refer less to courses and increasingly focus on study groups as a more flexible way of letting people learn together.
  • Study groups form freely around topics.
  • Study groups can be as formal as a course or as informal as a book club.
  • Study groups can be created and start at any time.
  • Study groups place less responsibility on the organisers and encourage greater peer learning.
  • Study groups are built around sets of tasks.
    • Participants will be able to work through tasks together.
    • Examples of tasks include reading a text, a discussion, a piece of writing, coding or building a tool.

Study Groups at

Can’t find something you want to learn? Create your own study group! Remember, the new site is in beta, so be aware that some features aren’t available yet.

The platform is available

Zuzel, P2PU’s Tech Lead and the lovely volunteer contributors have been working hard preparing the new platform ready for a major changeover in July.
  • The new platform technology project is codenamed “Lernanta”
  •” is in beta and available for use now.
    • Sign up to existing study groups or create your own. It’s simple!
    • Get help: P2PU Help Desk
  • Right now functionality is limited to basics: create study groups, share content, accept participants and create tasks
  • Updates occur every two weeks – see upcoming milestones  here.
  • Lernanta is written in Django and is forked from the Batucada  project.
  • Getting involved as a contributor to Lernanta is a great way to improve your web development skills.

Courses open for registration on P2PU

Several courses are open for sign-up at the original site.
  • Dive into Python
    • This course closely follows Mark Pilgrim’s “Dive into Python” book, and is designed for experienced programmers.
    • Apply now, course begins April, 25
  • jQuery – The Fundamentals
    • A beginners course on jQuery, with a look at AJAX and plugin development.
    • Apply now, course begins May 23rd
  • Designing Communities
    • Design thinking when designing online communities
    • Apply now, course begins May 23rd

You can still create courses on, but please be aware this site will be retired in mid-July 2011.

Got a question about School of Webcraft? 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Join the Webcraft Discussion List

To participate in ongoing discussions about the project sign-up here.

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