School of Webcraft talk at Hackerspace Adelaide – Feb 9th

My partner and I have been located in Australia and New Zealand for the last month or so, both trying to keep up with work while we catch up with Antipodean family and friends. In between fighting the never-ending battles against our email inboxes and waking up at odd hours to join in community calls, we’ve also been speaking to audiences about our work and personal projects. So far we’ve spoken at two Dorkbots – one in Canberra in the middle of December and last week for Dorkbot Sydney at Serial Space (Thanks Pia!).

Next week we head further west towards my home-town of Adelaide and into deeper time-zone confusion. It’s the first time I’ve been back home in over 2 years, and on Wednesday February 9th I’ll finally have a chance to talk about what I’m working on to a South Australian audience.

I love A-Town. Linocut print by Pippa Buchanan
I love A-Town. Linocut print by Pippa Buchanan

I’m really excited to share P2PU, School of Webcraft and Drumbeat with my family and old friends.  What’s even cooler is that we’ll be talking at the Adelaide Hacker Space which is hosted by Format. I’ve been following the founding of Format space, the festival and related projects like Renew Adelaide ever since I left for Europe and it’s exciting to know that such exciting collaborative and DIY projects are running in Adelaide. I have a feeling the participatory and DIY background of Format and the Hacker Space group will provide a really great context for talking about peer learning and the open web.

On the same evening my partner, Tim Boykett will  be talking about experimentation, collaboration and research at  Time’s Up, the art collective and research group he’s been a member of since 1996.

You can find out information about both talks and the Adelaide Hacker Space here.

Where: Format, 15 Peel Street, city.
When: 6pm, Wednesday February 9th
Cost: Free
Facebook event: link

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