School of Webcraft – January Courses Open for Sign-up

In case you haven’t noticed,  School of Webcraft and P2PU courses have officially opened their latest collection of courses for sign-up!

School of Webcraft at P2PU - First Courses for 2011, Sign-Up Now!

We have a lot of great courses this cycle, so if you’d like to learn more about subjects including PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Usability – then head on over to the School of Webcraft at and check out the open courses list.

There are also great courses available which don’t have a focus on web development – if you’re interested in learning about collaborative lesson planning, conflict resolution or teaching maths to toddlers please check out the general  P2PU courses that are available.

How do I sign up?

It’s pretty simple: there’s a big APPLY button next to each course listed.  Click on it once you find the course you’re interested in, and follow the application instructions.

Each course is different and has defined sign-up tasks to measure your motivation and check on any required skills you need for participation.  You may only be considered for your course if you have completed the sign-up task, so read the instructions well before you submit.

Just because you can become a “member” of the  course, does not mean you are a part of the course yet; you must go  through the official application process and your course application  must be approved by the course organizer.  You will be notified if you are accepted or if the course is too full and you are unable to participate fully. If you are not able to participate you will still have access to all course materials.

Courses begin in the week of the 26th  of January. Most sign-ups close on the 19th of January, however some courses may end sign-ups on a different date – please check course pages for details.

Please be aware that interest in courses is tremendous and that competition for places will be strong.  We’ll be working with the volunteer community to offer more courses in the upcoming months, if you’d like to organise a course please create a draft course now!

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