CANCELLED Introduction to Permaculture (May 13-14, Linz, AUSTRIA)

NOTE! Due to ill-health we had to cancel this Introduction course. It will be offered again over Saturday September 16, 2017 and September 17, 2017 in Linz, Upper Austria and surrounds.

Pippa Buchanan will guide you through this two-day course in clear English. You’ll learn about the ethics, principles and key ideas of permaculture through interactive and practical activities in the classroom and outdoors.

€65 / 60 Gibling – Students / Under employed
€100 / 95 Gibling – Full Price
Free – Refugees
Vegan and vegetarian lunch and snacks included

For reservations or questions: | 069914014477

10-17.30, 13 May – DH5, Herrenstrasse 5, LINZ
10-17.30, 14 May – Kulturverein 3er Hof, Schafferstrasse 19, LEONDING

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